AEW has comprised a roster of only elite wrestling stars. Naturally, other companies would love to have them as well and there’s a possibility of that as long as AEW is okay with it.

Fans are just starting to see how AEW will deal with their exclusive talent working with other companies because they are such a new company. For instance, Jon Moxley isn’t allowed to work the G1 Climax in Dallas because it is an American date. It turns out that this will be the common theme for AEW.

Dave Meltzer was asked during Wrestling Observer Radio if AEW stars will be at the AAA show in Madison Square Garden. He confirmed that they will not be present in MSG, but AEW stars are likely to work TripleMania. This falls in line with AEW’s philosophy concerning this very issue.

“The philosophy they have and this would go the same if they had a deal with New Japan, which they don’t, but if they did it would be that they would send talent to shows in other countries, but if New Japan runs in the United States [AEW] would not send their talent to that show.”


So you can probably expect some joint ventures with other wrestling companies because Jon Moxley and Chris Jericho will still be allowed to work NJPW dates in Japan. It is important to note that AEW and NJPW still don’t have a working deal between the two companies.

AEW stars will also be allowed to perform at AAA shows in Mexico. However, if the event is going on in the USA then it will need to be an All Elite Wrestling show.

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