Corey Graves has to travel all the time for WWE and that means that he must go into public. Sadly, some people like to ruin his good time.

There is a very popular children’s song called “Baby Shark.” If you’ve never heard it before then you’re in luck because we’ve included a video of it below. Trust us, once you hear it the song won’t leave your head all day. You’re welcome.

Corey Graves ran into some trouble recently when he arrived at the airport only to discover that someone was playing this catchy children’s tune. That apparently made Graves very ready to fight.

Someone at my gate in the airport is playing “Baby Shark,” and I’ve never felt more ready to fight.


Erik (Raymond Rowe) of the Viking Raiders commented saying that he’s known Graves a long time and to say that he’s never been more ready to fight is saying a lot. Obviously, Baby Shark is a big trigger for Graves.

Scott Armstrong doesn’t seem to mind the song quite as much. After all, he has a shirt that proudly says “Grandpa Shark” on it. This received a face palm emoji from Graves in return.

Felix Upton

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