WWE Considering Key AEW Cities For Future WrestleMania Events

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WWE is always looking ahead and that includes future plans for WrestleMania events. They recently sent out a fan survey asking fans where they’d like to see the show of shows held and some very interesting options are on that list.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the company just recently sent out a “marketing study” which lists a few cities asking fans who have been to WrestleMania in the past couple of years what cities they would be interested in traveling to.

Chicago, Jacksonville, and Las Vegas are on the list. This is very interesting. The idea of Chicago and Las Vegas being on the list might not be too odd, but to throw Jacksonville on there makes things pretty apparent that it is on there for a reason.

London was also on the list which is notable because those fans have been asking for a WrestleMania event for a while, however, the time difference has made it difficult.

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