NXT Superstar Calls Out Catfish For Using His Pictures On Tinder

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You never know who you’re really going to meet when you swipe right on Tinder. If you recently thought that you were going to meet WWE NXT UK Superstar Jordan Devlin then you’re out of luck because it’s not him.

Devlin recently updated his Twitter to let people know that someone is stealing his photos and claiming to be him on Tinder. The worst part to him is that this catfish is claiming Devlin is 41-years-old.

Heads up, someone’s catfishing as me on Tinder. 41??! Never been more insulted in my life

Let this be a word of warning for any time you might see any WWE Superstars on Tinder. Because unless you’re 100% it’s them odds are you’re just falling for a trick.

Be careful out there, people.

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