Watch SCU Scout Talent For AEW At OWE In China

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AEW has a brilliant partnership with OWE in China. This is intelligent because not only is the OWE school top-notch and producing incredibly talented wrestlers, but it will also bring a lot of eyes to AEW’s product in China.

SCU recently ventured to China so they could check out the training facility of their AEW Double Or Nothing opponents. Christopher Daniels also has a big match lined up against Cima at Fyter Fest so it appears that So Cal Uncensored will continue battling with OWE.

After checking out their training facility, SCU and representatives from OWE had a match. We won’t spoil it for you, but the action was pretty great and the Chinese fans proved how much they love pro wrestling. Fans were wearing pro wrestling merch all over and a very interesting point to note was one fan was wearing a Dean Ambrose t-shirt in the front row next to a guy wearing a Pentagon Jr. mask. So AEW probably won’t have that hard of a time at all capturing the Chinese audience’s attention.

You can check out the video below. It’s not as funny as most episodes of Being The Elite, but this video diary of SCU’s trip to China is worth watching to get fans even more excited about seeing the kind of talent OWE has to bring to AEW.

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