WWE Hall Of Famers influence generations of wrestlers to follow and Road Warrior Animal is no exception. However, his hard work and the time he put into training a new crop of pro wrestlers might have been ignored recently.

Animal posted a rather interesting tweet on Friday morning about “forgetfulness.” He commented about how other people are getting the credit for all of the hard work he put into training, but this comment could go across the board.

The fact that he included the #WOW could also imply that he is talking about the Women Of Wrestling program, or he is just expressing his astonishment. Whatever the issue might be someone is apparently taking credit that Animal believes belongs to him.

#forgetfulness funny how people forget who taught them sports or how to train in the weight room and give credit to someone else! #WOW


People should never forget about the influence that The Road Warriors had on the pro wrestling world. They were a tag team that was ahead of their time in a lot of ways, but once they showed up everyone else had to pick up their game in a big way.

Hawk is sadly no longer with us, but Animal is still going strong. Hopefully, his hard work will be recognized in the way he deserves because he has certainly earned it.

Felix Upton

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