Sonya Deville’s Dream Is Having A Rainbow Colored WWE Women’s Title

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Sonya Deville hasn’t won a title in WWE yet, but if she ever does then she wants a custom design. She recently spoke to WWE and they asked her about a possible pride inspired title and she’s all about it.

There have been many Superstars to receive their own custom belt. Daniel Bryan is just the most recent in a long line of custom titles including Edge, John Cena, and more. Sonya Deville would love to be a part of that list.

When asked if she’d like to have a custom rainbow WWE Women’s Title if she ever won it, Deville said it’s actually a dream of hers.

“That is actually a dream of mine. That would be so cool to me, but also something so cool for the fans to see. I think that would mean a lot to the LGBTQ+ community, especially the youth. I just keep flashing back to when I was that age, and if that were prevalent, it would have meant so much to me.”

Sonya Deville needs to get in a title picture first, but she would love to represent her community through a championship title. She rocks rainbow ring gear which will have to do in the meantime, but you can never say never in WWE.

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