Mike Kanellis might be on his way out of WWE from the looks of things. Unless he signs a new contract it appears that he only has about a week left if what his wife said is true. That won’t stop him from commenting about his current pro wrestling home.

Kanellis tweeted out that WWE’s 205 Live brand has the best wrestling show in the company. They don’t have time for scripts or long promos because they use every bit of time they can to provide pro wrestling action in the ring instead.

Once again @WWE205Live puts on the best WRESTLING show of the week. Are you paying attention now? #wwe @WWE

When one fan called out WWE for not caring about 205 Live, Kanellis replied that he had to agree. However, that doesn’t change the fact that the 205 Live roster is still trying incredibly hard every week.


“They don’t. But the roster does. And everyone involved with 205 cares more than you could possibly imagine.”

Kanellis replied to other fans saying that they’re “missing out” on the 205 Live show if they’re not watching. The roster might have a chip on their shoulder as well, but that’s understandable.

The former Kingdom member also commented to another fan saying that they don’t “pull their weight” by replying with “That’s because I have to be under 205lbs.”

Felix Upton

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