SmackDown FAILS to Draw Over 2 Million VIEWERS

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If you are a WWE fan there is probably a good chance that you are not watching SmackDown Live on a weekly basis but then again — who is?

SmackDown’s ratings have continued to decline this year. While last week’s show garnered just slightly over 2 million viewers, this week failed to do so. This is not a good sign with FOX having high expectations for the show once it moves to the station later this year.

According to ShowBuzzDaily, this week’s episode only averaged 1.93 million viewers. This number is considered a great disappointment, especially after the company recently started up it’s “wild card” rule that allows talents from both brands to work either RAW or SmackDown shows.

Will WWE be able to turn things around before it’s move to FOX in October? That remains to be seen. If I had to guess, not likely.

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