One thing that should’ve been obvious by this point is that Chris Jericho is out there living the gimmick on social media, and we’re all here for it.

Sure, it may seem like he goes a step or two too far sometimes, but maybe that’s what he wants us to to think. After all, it’s kind of impossible to deny just how successful he’s been already in such a short space of time during his run with All Elite Wrestling.

Whether or not he can continue that forward momentum is a different story entirely, but as you can see by the below tweets, he does have a tendency to blur the lines between what is real and what isn’t.

In a rare moment of compassion Jericho took it upon himself recently to heap praise on The Undertaker and Goldberg, after a great deal of criticism was thrown their way following Super Showdown. In response, one fan stated that he felt like Y2J was simply buttering them up in an attempt to get them over to AEW.


That quite clearly struck a chord, as the man himself decided to go on a profanity-filled rant at the ‘fan’ or ‘troll’ in question.

Whether you like Jericho or not there’s no denying that he is often able to be the one making the headlines where AEW is concerned, and as we look ahead to Fyter Fest, it still seems like he’s the most over guy on the roster – despite the fact he isn’t even booked for the card.

Harry Kettle

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