X-Pac 1, 2, 360 Recap w/ Road Dogg – Leaving Smackdown Head Writer Position, Working With NXT Talents on Their Entrances, R-Truth’s Golden Touch, More!

He’s not directly involved in NXT creative right now. Instead, he’s working with a class of talent who are “next in line” for NXT television. He’s also been doing some producing and recently produced the Matt Riddle/Roderick Strong match that kicked off the most recent Takeover event.

He says it was an honour for him to produce that match. He told Riddle and Strong that they could work circles around him so he didn’t want to tell them how to put together the match. Instead, he told them to do what they do best, and just asked them for a layout. This would allow him to direct the cameramen to be in the correct positions to get great shots so the match would look great on television.

While he knows that he’d never be able to keep up in the ring with this new style of wrestling, he still thinks there’s room for old school psychology. For example, he doesn’t think talents should be no-selling Superkicks when that move retired Ric Flair.

Road Dogg says the Street Profits have really turned into breakout stars in NXT. He loves those guys and points out that they’re only getting better. Even though they’re the Champions now, much like he and Billy Gunn during the early part of their tag team run, the Street Profits are still learning in the ring.