Goldberg wasn’t very happy about his performance at the Super ShowDown and the IWC let him know about it. Matt Riddle was leading the charge in big way and it might be personal.

Bryan Alvarez discussed Matt Riddle burying Goldberg so badly during Wrestling Observer Radio. This is a rather interesting situation because if it’s a work then we could have a dream match pay-off. However, all indications are that it is real and that might be even more interesting.

“Matt Riddle’s just up there burying Goldberg and so in talking to people this weekend and listen, God only knows in pro wrestling, but from talking to people this weekend the indication I have is that this is real and somebody told me that Riddle has actually been saying things about Goldberg for awhile I actually don’t know another person said for whatever reason Goldberg blocked Riddle and he was really angry about it and that’s why he went on this weekend-long tirade on Goldberg.”

“I know people who are furious at Riddle. I can’t even say the words they’re saying, but the weird thing is that things are still posted. Like if this was real then why are they allowing him to do this? It’s not coming off well.”


Matt Riddle might not even want a match against Goldberg if what he is saying is true about Goldberg being unsafe in the ring. Therefore, this might be personal between the two. Either way, it is certainly an interesting situation because WWE is allowing Riddle to post about Goldberg in such a way.

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