Vince McMahon is WWE’s chief decision maker and the final word on what goes on in the company. This is becoming a pretty big issue.

Jon Moxley exposed lot of WWE’s inner-workings during his string of shoot interviews, but he’s done talking about WWE now. He wants to focus on his future with AEW and NJPW now because he’s leaving that part of his career in WWE behind him.

After the cathartic experience Moxley had while burying WWE by revealing so many truths about the company’s creative process, The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reached out to a number of WWE Superstars who all agreed with Moxley’s statements.

On top of agreeing with what Moxley said, it is also said that Vince McMahon is well aware of the issues currently going on in the company as well. Let’s just see if he does a thing to change it.


One person who was not close to [Moxley] at all and felt he was a guy who couldn’t be happy said they listened to him on the Jericho podcast and felt he was very honest from this perspective, that the system in place is obviously broken and that’s not a secret nor is there any doubt about it, and that even Vince McMahon realizes that.

This is very interesting, but Vince McMahon is not only a billionaire, but he is used to getting what he wants. Nobody can really tell him what to do unless they have a lot of money they are bringing into the company. So until something happens that will actually make Vince McMahon take notice it is doubtful that anything will really change.

Felix Upton

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