Shinsuke Nakamura has done a lot in his career, but every great has to have their final match. It seems that Nakamura has his eyes set on a specific year that he wants to retire and it’s not too far away.

Nakamura hasn’t been on television much recently after the Wild Card Rule took up extra spots on SmackDown Live leaving Shinsuke and Rusev without anything to do. It’s okay for him because now he gets to spend more time surfing. He doesn’t have much longer until his plan on retiring anyway.

While speaking to the Strait Times, Nakamura admitted that he wants to retire at 45. He didn’t say that was the absolute cut-off age, but it is the same age that Ichiro Suzuki retired so that seems like a good time to do it.

“I want to wrestle at least five more years. I’m 39 now. (Former MLB) baseball player Ichiro Suzuki retired at 45 and he was such an influence for Japanese sportsmen, especially those who lived in other countries. And so I need to wrestle until I’m 45 years old.” 


Shinsuke Nakamura has a lot of potential, but WWE just doesn’t seem to be using him much. Hopefully, that will change. In the meantime he seems to be enjoying his remaining years in WWE which could be the final stretch of his pro wrestling career.

Felix Upton

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