Marty Jannetty is known for his online antics, but this time he had some rather sad news to report. His sister is sick and he just lost another sister not three weeks ago. Therefore, he must cancel an appearance.

Canceling is something that pro wrestlers never like to do. If that happens then something didn’t go as planned. This is not the kind of thing that you can ever plan out as Jannetty updated fans on Facebook about this unfortunate situation.

“Tonight’s baseball game, was gonna be throwing first pitch..not gonna sister Diane is in ICU, she just went through something a week ago, this is a by-product of it..please pray for her, even though she feels she’ll be ok..not leaving today..I just lost a sister a couple maybe 3 weeks ago, not gonna be gone away this time till I know for sure..many of you know Diane,, not gonna say whats been happening with her lately, thats up to her if she wants yall to know..but..if things go right, I’ll be at the other shows..besides that, I heard tonights game might get rained out..but that dont matter, my sister comes first..please pray..”

Hopefully, everything will be okay and Jannetty’s sister pulls through whatever she is dealing with. He said that she’s going to be okay, but Marty isn’t taking any chances.


Regardless of whether Marty Jannetty’s scheduled appearance gets rained out or not, his sister comes first. We’ve certainly heard worse reasons for calling off an appearance.

Thanks to Cassidy Hayes at for passing this one along

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