Talk is Jericho Recap w/ Dustin Rhodes – Refusing to Face Cody Again, How Sexuality Made The Goldust Character Work, Thinking He Killed Roddy Piper During Backlot Brawl, More!

Dustin says there was a rift between him and Cody over the years, probably stemming from the issues between he and Dusty. Luckily they’ve worked through that and he’s determined to have a great relationship with his brother from here on out.

He notes that there was some hesitancy when putting the match together because even when they tagged together in the past he would yell at Cody if there were any mistakes. He knows now that was wrong and has since apologized for it.

He admits that he wasn’t sure how fans would react to him wrestling at Double or Nothing. He’s a 50 year old man who took the place of a young wrestler, and he was concerned that the fans would hate him for that. Luckily that wasn’t the case. He says he’ll never face Cody again because he can’t top the match they had that night.

He notes that he recently lost his passion for the business while working in WWE. He would travel from town to town spending money on rental cars and hotel rooms but creative had nothing for him. He’d pitch ideas to creative and directly to McMahon, but nothing was happening. He eventually told them that he wouldn’t be returning and it was an emotional moment.