Mike Rome Gets Plenty Of Love For His New Tattoo

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WWE RAW ring announcer Mike Rome doesn’t show his arms on WWE television since he’s usually in a suit while announcing Superstars as they make their way to the ring. It’s a shame because fans won’t get to see his new tattoo.

Rome already had some ink, but this new tattoo is a pretty cool one. He turned the word “loser” into “lover” and made it very obvious with a red “V” to cover up the “S” in loser. It’s a pretty clever design, but he still had a brief moment when “loser” was tattooed on his arm.

Rome has received tons of encouragement for this new ink already. Braun Strowman, Kayla Braxton, Drake Maverick, Natalya, EC3, and plenty more have liked this new tattoo on social media already.

We have to admit that it’s a pretty clever tattoo to get and a badass way to say that you’re a lover and not a loser.

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