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Tonight’s TakeOver is set to be a big one, and that much is evident from the Tag Team Championship match. It’s set to be a four-way ladder match between The Undisputed Era, The Forgotten Sons, Street Profits, Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch, for the vacated tag titles. This match is sure to be straight chaos and a show-stealer.

One hotly anticipated match tonight is when Velveteen Dream takes on the returning Tyler Breeze. It’s a little unclear if Breeze if just back to put over Dream, or if he’s sticking around and could pull off a big win in his return. Of course, the NXT North American Championship is on the line. Expect this match to tear the roof off of the arena, particularly with Breeze out to prove his worth to WWE brass.

And then there’s the NXT Championship match between Johnny Gargano and Adam Cole. These two went head-to-head at the last TakeOver, with Gargano winning a brutal and epic two-out-of-three-falls match. Well tonight it’s one fall takes all, and Adam Cole is quick to remind everyone that he won the first fall last time. If he does so tonight, he will win the NXT Championship, and his brothers could also walk out with the Tag Team Championships. Could be a big night for The Undisputed Era.


And the other two matches tonight sees Matt Riddle duel Roderick Strong, and Shayna Baszler face Io Shirai for the Women’s Championship. As always, it’s a big TakeOver and we’re excited to see it all go down. So remember to follow us on Instagram, download the Ringside News app, and enjoy the show!

Kick-Off Show

The NXT Kick-Off show is hosted by Charly Caurso, Sam Roberts, and Pat McAfee.

They begin to run down the card for tonight’s show, starting with the Women’s Championship Match. Roberts says that Baszler may be the toughest NXT Champion ever, but Io Shirai is experienced and prepared more than any other challenger. They say that this will be the toughest challenge of Baszler’s reign.

The panel then discuss the ladder match for the Tag Team Championships. Roberts says he thinks tonight has “Undisputed” written all over it, but that he reckons The Street Profits will sneak away with the titles. Pat McAfee says he loves the Profits, but that he thinks the Forgotten Sons will take charge tonight and be forgotten no more.

We see a hype video for the North American Championship match between Tyler Breeze and Velveteen Dream. Sam Roberts goes-in on Breeze, saying he’s spent the past few years doing nothing, while Dream has been winning matches. He says there’s nothing Breeze has ever done that makes him think he can hang with the current NXT Superstars. Pat agrees that NXT has gotten a lot better and that Breeze is rusty.

The former NXT Champion, Tomasso Ciampa joins the kick-off panel to discuss the main event. The fans chant his name, so he jumps on top of the table and shouts that “this is my house”, while patting his own back. The fans chant “NXT”. Caruso says, based on his ability to climb on the table, he seems healthy. Ciampa says that, 12 weeks removed from surgery, he is cleared for non-contact activity. Meaning he is on the way back and he is coming for Goldie. Ciampa says he will be watching the match very closely tonight because he will be back in the hunt very soon and he can beat either Cole or Gargano.

NXT TakeOver begins with an awesome video that chronicles the rise of NXT over the past five years.

We go live to the arena and the fans chant “NXT”. The commentary team is Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuinness, and Beth Phoenix.

Roderick Strong Vs. Matt Riddle

The match gets underway, Riddle shoots and takes Strong down. They go back and forth with some amateur wrestling and Riddle looks for the Bromission but Strong reaches the ropes.

Strong forces Riddle to the corner but he comes back with a trio of gutwrench suplexes. Strong rolls from the ring and Riddle chases after. Riddle runs up the steps and hits a flying forearm to Strong. Riddle and Strong get on the apron and exchange shots, with Matt starting to get the better, but Roddy lifts him up and hits a backbreaker via the ring apron!

Strong gets Riddle back in the ring and chops him in the corner. Strong drops Riddle on the top rope with a suplex, and the bro tumbles to the floor. Roddy gets him back inside for a two count, then goes back to the knife-edge chops. Riddle starts to fight back but Strong catches him with another backbreaker for a near-fall.

Strong applies a submission as the fans duel chant “Undisputed/Let’s Go Bro”. Riddle fights out but Strong drops him. wraps him around the ring post, and pulls on his arm and leg to crush the ribs. Again Riddle fires back with some palm strikes and catches Strong with an unorthodox pin for a near-fall. Strong responds with a beautiful Angle Slam for a near-fall. Strong gets Riddle in a modified Gory Special but Riddle gets out and hits a snap fisherman suplex.

Riddle starts teeing off on Strong with forearms and an exploder suplex. Riddle looks for a standing moonsault but Roddy moves and he lands on his feet. Riddle follows-up with the Broton and a penalty kick for a near-fall. Riddle kicks the chest of Roddy – just like the Yes Kicks but the fans chanted “bro”. Riddle dodged Strong and hit a Go-To-Sleep, followed by a German suplex for a near-fall.

Riddle goes up top but Strong hits a step-up enziguiri, followed by a superplex for a near-fall. They trade shots, Riddle lifts Strong but his back gave out, allowing Roddy to land another enziguiri. Roderick hits a shining wizard, then, with Riddle against the ropes, he connects with running forearms, followed by a huge slam for another near-fall. Strong looks for the Stronghold but Riddle flips him off and out of the ring. Roddy comes running back in but gets caught with a roundhouse kick, a V-Trigger, a powerbomb, and a Final Flash knee for a near-fall. The fans are very into this one.

Riddle takes to the top rope and looks for a moonsault senton but Roddy got his knees up. Strong hits a sit-out backbreaker, followed by a powerbomb but Riddle kicks out. As soon as he kicked out, Strong got him in the Stronghold! Riddle crawls for the ropes but Strong re-positions him and turns it into a Liontamer. Riddle connects with some stiff upkicks that drop Strong and Riddle gets him in the Bromission. Roddy won’t tap, so Riddle let’s go and delivers multiple elbows to the neck. Strong blocks one, but Riddle lifts him up and hits a few more, then hits a new finisher for the win!

Winner: Matt Riddle

Riddle’s new finisher is like a tombstone but he jumped and landed Roddy on his back. Ranallo said the name twice but I didn’t quite catch it.

We see Shawn Michaels and Road Dogg at ringside, watching the action and comparing their Hall of Fame rings.

The Street Profits are out first for the Tag Team ladder match, and they climb into a section of the crowd holding red cups.

NXT Tag Team Championship

Ladder Match

Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch Vs. The Forgotten Sons Vs. The Street Profits Vs. The Undisputed Era

The match gets underway and a brawl breaks out between all eight men. Fish and O’Reilly are the only men left in the ring after the fight, but they’re soon re-joined by Lorcan and Burch. The four men exchange shots in a rather unique sequence. Eventually TUE clear the ring again and decide it’s time to get a ladder.

They carry a ladder together but Wesley Blake hits a suicide dive, head-first into the ladder, and knocks them down. Cutler grabs a ladder but Lorcan and Burch attack them. Everyone is brawling on the outside until Angelo Dawkins leaps off the top rope onto them.

The Street Profits get a ladder set-up in the ring but Fish and O’Reilly knock them from the ring and start climbing. Wesley Blake shoves the ladder over and they both fall off – with O’Reilly landing sideways on the ladder. Cutler and Blake put the ladder over their heads and run every team over, except for Lorcan and Burch, who duck them and hit them with a German suplex and the ladder goes flying and almost wiped-out Kyle O’Reilly.

Dawkins and Ford hit a slam and frog splash combo to Oney Lorcan, then lay Blake on a ladder. Dawkins lifts the ladder, with top half resting on the ropes, with Blake on it, and Ford leapfrogs him and lands on Blake. He rolls from the ring and Cutler runs in but he’s hit with a flapjack onto the same ladder! Ford and Dawkins look to hit the leapfrog senton again but this time Fish drops Ford and O’Reilly hits Dawkins with a missile dropkick. Fish hits Montez Ford with a German suplex into a ladder resting on the ropes.

Fish and O’Reilly set the ladder up again. Fish starts climbing and Kyle tries to play defence, but Cutler lifts him and powerbombs him into the ladder with Fish and they land on top of each other. This has been non-stop action and the fans are chanting “Momma Mia”. Cutler sets up a bigger ladder but O’Reilly grabs his leg through the rungs and applies a Figure Four. Blake kicks him off and tosses Kyle from the ring. Fish comes back and attacks them, but they hit a double-team reverse DDT/stomp from the ladder.

Cutler and Blake begin climbing either side, while the fans boo. Burch and Dawkins come in and lift them off in electric chairs. Lorcan clotheslines Cutler off, while Ford hits a blockbuster to Blake. Every man is down. Kyle O’Reilly is the first man to get back in and begin climbing. He looks through the ladder towards the ramp and looks like he’s seen a ghost…it’s Jaxson Ryker from The Forgotten Sons. He runs down and grabs O’Reilly, and powerbombs him into a ladder. He tosses Montez Ford from the ring, slams Bobby Fish, then tips a ladder with Angelo Dawkins on it. Ryker folds the ladder and tosses it into Dawkins over and over. The ladder is propped in the corner and Ryker hits a back drop to Lorcan onto it. Ryker is alone in the ring.

Ryker begins to set a ladder up but he’s attacked by Fish and O’Reilly, followed by Burch and both profits. They stomp him into oblivion, then beat him down with a ladder. Fish and O’Reilly clear the ring, then set a ladder up. Ryker stands on the apron, so O’Reilly and Fish lift the ladder and hit him with it. Ryker begins to get up but Montez Ford wipes him out with a flip off of a ladder held by Fish and O’Reilly. Lorcan then leaps onto him as well, while Burch hits a dropkick to Fish and O’Reilly holding the ladder.

Burch and Lorcan begin clearing house, including sandwiching Dawkins and Ford between ladders. They then toss a ladder over the ropes and onto all three Forgotten Sons. Burch and Lorcan set the ladder up and begin climbing, but Fish and O’Reilly intervene. They set up a ladder right next to the other, and all four men start climbing. They battle atop the ladders but Lorcan is knocked off. O’Reilly touches the belt with his fingers but Lorcan returns and another brawl breaks out. Blake and Cutler shove both ladders over, clearing the ring! Blake climbs the ladder, meanwhile Angelo Dawkins hits Cutler with a spear. Ford then springboards off the ropes and onto the ladder, punches Blake off, and grabs the titles!

Winners: The Street Profits

The Street Profits make their way into the crowd and drinks from some red cups to celebrate their massive win!

We see Io Shirai warming-up backstage and Candace LeRae comes in for a pep talk.

NXT North American Championship

(C) Velveteen Dream Vs. Tyler Breeze

The bell ringsa and Dream rips off his shirt and dances. Dream then removes his white gloves and throws them at Breeze before posing. Breeze and Dream lock-up and the latter takes a wrist-lock. Breeze tried to hit the Unprettier but Dream slid away. Breeze then lays across the top rope and poses.

Dream attacks but Breeze dodges and knocks Dream from the ring. Breeze runs for a suicide dive but Dream punches him. Dream connects with a springboard double axe handle, followed by a lionsault. Breeze rolls from the ring, then drags Dream through the ring post and whacks his leg off of it. Breeze hits a diving forearm from the apron and looked for a second but Velveteen landed a right hand.

Breeze gets Dream in a single leg Boston crab but the Champion gets to the ropes. Velveteen hits a cheap right hand that angers Breeze, who unloads on Dream and knocks him from the ring with a dropkick. Dream lands a big superkick on the outside, before sliding back in. Dream goes back out and slams Breeze’s head on the announce table repeatedly. Both men showing unusual aggression. Dream grabs Tyler’s phone and takes a selfie holding the title and Breeze’s head. The fans chant “Velveteen.”

As Dream is distracted, Breeze hits the Supermodel Kick. Breeze rolls back into the ring, where he’s caught by the Dream Valley Driver for a two count. Breeze connects with an enziguiri, then hits a crossbody from the middle rope but Dream rolled through for a two count. Dream looks for the DreamDT but Breeze escapes and hits another Supermodel Kick for a near-fall. Breeze looks for the Unprettier but Dream rams him into the turnbuckles.

Dream hits a springboard but Breeze catches him with a dropkick. Breeze looks for the Unprettier but Dream reverses into the DreamDT for a near-fall. Breeze connects with a leaping knee and both men go down. Breeze lifts Dream into a Tombstone position but the Champion reverses into the Tombstone position. They exchange that position a few times until they separate and Dream looks for a springboard and Breeze jumps for the dropkick but Dream doesn’t spring. Dream then rolls off and lifts Breeze and hits the Unprettier! Dream goes up top and jumps for the elbow drop but Breeze got his knees up.

Dream goes to the middle rope but Breeze pulls his head between his legs and superkicks him, then hits the Unprettier for the near-fall! Dream looks for a small package but Breeze kicks out, then hits the Beauty Shot…but Dream rolls from the ring. Breeze leaves the ring and tries to drag Dream back inside but he can’t. He climbs inside and begs the referee to stop counting him out. Dream then tries to hit Breeze with the North American Championship but Tyler grabs the belt and gives it to the referee. Dream connects with the Dream Valley Driver, followed by Purple Rainmaker for the win!

Winner: Velveteen Dream

After the match Dream grabs Breeze’s phone and takes some selfies. Breeze confronts him and Dream gives the phone back. Breeze then stops Dream from leaving. Breeze takes a selfie with Dream before the Champion leaves.

We get a video hyping the debut of Damian Priest, the repackaging of Punishment Martinez.

NXT Women’s Championship

(C) Shayna Baszler Vs. Io Shirai

The bell rings, and Shirai runs right at Baszler. The Champion takes her down and taunts her. Shirai gets angry and forces Baszler to the corner. Baszler takes her down again and goes for an arm stomp, but Shirai gets out. Shirai takes her down and kicks the back.

Shirai knocks her out of the ring and beats her around before getting Baszler back inside. Shirai goes to the top rope, but Baszler pulls her down. Baszler then stomps the arm with the Reality Check and Shirai writes in agony.

Baszler twists Shirai’s fingers, but Shirai rolls her up for a one count. Baszler connects with a clotheslines for a two count. Baszler steps on the head and grabs the arm before hitting an arm snap. Baszler applies a wrist lock and slams Shirai. Baszler applies a submission but Shirai gets out. Shirai can’t capitalise because of her arm, so Baszler takes her down and covers for a two count. Baszler sets up for another Reality Check, but Shirai avoids it.

Shirai grabs her and struggles to pull her up for a German Suplex, but she can’t land it because of her arm. Shirai takes Baszler down before hitting a 619! She follows-up with a springboard dropkick for a near-fall – Shirai even came out wearing a modified Mysterio mask tonight. Baszler tries to fire back but Shirai gets her in a crossface – though she can’t lock it in with her arm hurt. Baszler powers her way out and slams Io down, the challenger then rolls to the apron.

Baszler grabs the arm and pulls Io up. Shirai rattles her with a punch and hits a springboard dropkick to knock her to the floor. Shirai goes to the top rope and hits a huge moonsault to Baszler on the floor! Shirai gets her in the ring and hits a missile dropkick, followed by double knees in the corner. She goes back to the top rope but Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir comes down. Candice LeRae comes running up from behind and hits them both with a kendo stick! LeRae then takes them down with a cross-body from the apron.

In the ring, Baszler catches Shirai with an inside cradle for a two count. Baszler goes for a Kirifuda Clutch, but Shirai gets out. Shirai takes her down, but Baszler applies the Kirifuda Clutch! Shirai desperately tries to get to the bottom rope, but Baszler tries to stop her. Shirai fights for several minutes before lightly tapping out!

Winner: Shayna Bazsler

Baszler celebrates her win after the match, but Shirai comes back in and attacks her with the kendo stick. She beats her down, then hits a moonsault from the top rope. She takes a chair from Candace LeRae, and hits another moonsault while holding the chair! She leaves Baszler coughing and barely able to move.

We see Stephanie McMahon sitting watching at ringside and the fans cheer… then boo.

NXT Championship Match
(C) Johnny Gargano Vs. Adam Cole

After ring introductions, where Cole was a heavy favourite, the match gets underway. The fans are in full voice chanting “NXT”.

They lock-up aggressively and Johnny forces Cole to the ropes. Gargano drops Cole with a shoulder tackle, then Cole responds in kind. They have a quick exchange of dodges and reversals that results in Cole retreating from the ring.

Cole gets back inside and they fire shots with Cole getting the better of the Champion. Gargano catches Cole with a hurricanrana and the latter rolls from the ring. Johnny takes to the apron and looks for a kick but Cole dodges. Gargano catches him with a cannonball from the apron, then sends him into the ring.

Gargano knocks Cole from the ring again, then hits the kick from the apron and stomps on Cole’s arm. Gargano starts targeting the arm back inside the ring. He sets Cole on the turnbuckles but the challenger slides between his legs and superkicks the right leg of Johnny. Cole then hits a DDT to the leg, followed a submission to wear it down further. Cole kicks the leg a few times before connecting with a missile dropkick to the knee.

Dragon screw leg whip from Cole. Johnny begins to fight back but Cole keeps shutting him down with leg kicks. Cole leaps off the ropes but Gargano catches him with a powerbomb. Gargano lights-up the challenger with running forearms, followed by a belly-to-belly suplex. Cole sends Gargano to the apron but eats a slingshot spear from the Champion. Gargano hits Cole with punches in the corner and looks for a superplex but Adam flips over and lands on his feet. He looks for the superkick to the leg of Gargano again but the Champion kicks him away, then jumps backwards and is caught with a backstabber!

Johnny’s leg prevents him from landing a move. Huge enziguiri from Cole, followed by burning hammer into a facecrusher for a near-fall. They keep hitting each other with the same moves; forearms, clotheslines, superkicks, until both men fall out of the ring. The fans chant “NXT”. They crawl around the ring towards each other, then run and hit superkicks at the same time and both men are down.

Cole slides back into the ring at 9 but at the same time Gargano leapt over the ropes and hit a slingshot DDT for a near-fall. Johnny goes back to attacking the arm but Cole suckers him out of the ring. Cole hits a brainbuster on the outside, then gets him back inside and hits another for a near-fall. Cole takes to the top rope, but Gargano yanks him off and he hits the mat shoulder-first hard. Gargano then hits a tilt-a-whirl into the Gargano Escape. Cole quickly rolls his way out and applies the Figure Four!

Gargano languishes in the hold for a minute before reversing the pressure – Cole grabs the rope immediately. Both men slowly get to their feet but Gargano grabs the arm of Cole and looks to apply the Gargano Escape. Cole fights out and they have a scrappy brawl. Cole slams Gargano’s hurt knee into the mat, before removing the knee pad and kicking the bag of his leg. The fans start chanting “Johnny Knee-Brace”. The Champion kicks Cole from the ring, then hits the draping DDT. 

Cole rolls from the ring again. Gargano looks for a suicide dive but Gargano hits a superkick in mid-air! Cole then hits Panama Sunrise from the apron to the floor and gets him back in the ring for a near-fall. Cole grabs Gargano but the face and talks trash. Cole then looks for The Last Shot but Gargano dodges and looks for the Gargano Escape…but Cole locks in the Gargano Escape! The Champion quickly gets out and hits The Last Shot for a near-fall! Both men are down and the fans are going nuts.

They sit on their knees and exchange punches as the fans chant “fight forever”. They continue throwing hands until Cole hits three axe kicks, followed by a huge lariat from Gargano. Cole then hit a superkick, Gagrano hits one of his own followed by a reverse hurricanrana, and Cole connects with The Last Shot…but Johnny kicks out! Wow!

Cole argues with the referee, then rolls out of the ring. He goes under the apron and grabs a chair. The referee tells him to stop. As they’re arguing, Gargano hits a suicide dive…but Cole dodged it and Johnny hit the referee! Cole then tries to hit Johnny with the chair but he dodges and connects with a superkick. Gargano gets him in the ring and pins but there’s no referee.

Gargano gets the referee into the ring, while Cole starts waving towards the ramp, seemingly summoning his partners. Nobody comes and Johnny gets on the apron, where Cole hits him with a weird move for a near-fall. Cole tries to hit The Last Shot but Gargano just face-planted the mat. Cole lifts him by the head but Johnny was playing possum and he gets him in the Gargano Escape. Cole tries to roll out but Gargano keeps it locked in. Cole manages to elbow the hurt knee of Gargano to escape. He then hits two kicks to the knee and looks for another Panama Sunrise but Gargano stays on his feet and sits down for a pin attempt. Cole reverses it to no avail. Cole looks for it again and this time he hits the Panama Sunrise, followed by The Last Shot for the win!

Winner and New NXT Champion: Adam Cole

Cole celebrates his monumental win after the fact. Gargano lays against the steel steps. Fish, O’Reilly, and Strong come down to the ring and celebrate with the newly crowned NXT Champion.

That’s it for NXT TakeOver XXV. What a show. Let us know what you thought in the comments and I’ll see you back here on Monday for Raw. Until then, safe travels!

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