AEW Double Or Nothing Pay-Per-View Buys ‘Easily’ Beat UFC Numbers

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AEW Double Or Nothing was a great night of pro wrestling and WWE is certainly kicking themselves for letting Dustin Rhodes go after that night. The event had several big moments that will keep people talking, but we’re still not 100% sure how many people actually watched the event live.

It is impossible to know how many people streamed the pay-per-view on a free bootleg streaming site. Ringside News has received a few emails from our awesome readers who said that some illegal streaming sites received copyright blocks throughout the night so it appears they were trying to shut that method of watching the show down.

B/R Live doesn’t typically release their numbers either to reveal how many people bought the pay-per-view legally. However, during Wrestling Observer Radio Dave Meltzer had to clear up how many people actually bought the pay-per-view.

“On Saturday night after the show when we mentioned that it did 200,000 searches on Google somehow this got translated into 200,000 buys on pay-per-view. It did not do that. That number would be ridiculous. You know I don’t know because of Memorial Day and it being Wednesday I don’t know any pay-per-view numbers for television whatsoever. I know streaming numbers. Streaming numbers were very good, but not like you’re going to do 200,000 total buys.”

“I don’t want to throw out a number, but it will easily, easily beat ALL IN which was the goal to beat ALL IN and that’s a guarantee.”

Meltzer said he is “certain” that AEW Double Or Nothing beat the last UFC pay-per-view, however, it didn’t beat the last UFC event with streaming numbers alone.

If you add in the television numbers it is said that they will easily beat the last UFC pay-per-view, but that’s very good considering the fact that they aren’t even on TNT yet.

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