WWE Could ‘Pump Out’ Negative Things About Jon Moxley

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WWE has a lot of power because they control their own history. We have seen in the past that WWE has the ability to wipe people out of their history books, but they can also do a lot to discredit someone’s contributions as well.

Ryback went through a lot with WWE even after his exit from the company. When one fan pointed out the ridiculous things that WWE had Dean Ambrose say, Ryback replied how the next moves could be interesting on WWE’s part.

Yes, should be curious to see what negative things @wwe pumps out on him in the future. @AEWrestling will have the ability to destroy them Promo wise if the talent can have some freedom. I experienced very similar things and simply read lines. Everything said is spot on.

We will have to wait and see what WWE can come up with. They have resources to change their own history and distort reality in their own Universe.

Ryback is no stranger to how WWE can forget or alter perception after someone leaves the company, hopefully, they won’t take that same approach with Jon Moxley.

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