Sasha Banks is still on a hiatus from WWE with no real sign of coming back. She’s still The Boss, but now it looks like she’s running her own life instead of the ring.

At this point, Sasha Banks doesn’t want to come back. If she did then it’s very likely that WWE would work her into the storyline in some respect. She is still very popular and has a lot of fans who would love to see her perform, but that’s obviously not happening yet.

Sean Sapp said on Fightful Select’s Q&A that it has been radio silence from Sasha Banks at this point.

“I heard that she was done or wanted to be done since then I haven’t heard a thing. Not a thing. Not a thing about Money In The Bank. Not a thing about anything.”


“All I heard is that nobody expected her to be on the European tour like some [PW Insider] suggested, that’s it.”

Sasha Banks keeps a very tight circle and if she doesn’t want information out then it’s not going to happen. However, you can’t discount the reports we’ve heard so far because the proof is in the fact that she remains out of action.

WWE might want Banks back and could be willing to make her some big promises to see her return, but so far we haven’t seen or heard anything from Sasha Banks.

She is still active on social media and posts very frequently, especially on Instagram. However, any post she puts up is ambiguous to the point were even if we think she might be trying to say something it’s nothing concrete enough to report on.

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