Waffle House Takes Shot At WWE 24/7 Title

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WWE introduced their new title last night on RAW and plenty of fans had a lot to say about it. This could be introducing some very fun segments down the line, but the title design might need some work.

Waffle House is famous for being open 24/7 as well. In fact, they promote it on their signage. This could have resulted in a bit of gimmick infringement on WWE’s part.

When the fine folks at Waffle House saw this new 24/7 Title they had to comment and we are so glad that they did.

Somewhere in Georgia we are missing our 24/7 sign.

RAW was in Albany New York last night, not Albany, Georgia, but the joke was still a pretty great one to make. Now that we look at it it’s so clear why the design was familiar.

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