RAW Superstar Confirmed For SmackDown Live

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The WWE Wild Card Rule is in full effect now as Superstars from opposing brands show up on each other’s show on a very regular basis. One RAW Superstar is already backstage at SmackDown Live and set to appear on the blue brand’s show tonight.

Drew McIntyre is reportedly backstage at SmackDown like and he will be used on tonight’s show according to PW Insider. It is unknown what role he will play, but we have a very good idea.

Last night McIntyre seemingly started a new role as Shane McMahon’s heavy-hitter which could continue tonight. This could be viewed much like how WWE has booked this bodyguard gimmick in the past.

McIntyre is a good fit for this role as an enforcer as he is very menacing and can provide a lot of backup. So this could turn into a productive symbiotic relationship between the two.

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