Jordynne Grace signed deal with Impact Wrestling after the company had to scramble to get her to sign one. After all, they thought that she had signed a deal a while ago.

Now that she is under contract with Impact Wrestling until May of 2021, Grace is much more financially stable. However, that doesn’t mean she will be giving up her day job as a legal transcriptionist.

While speaking to Fightful, Grace revealed that although she signed a much more profitable contract with Impact Wrestling she has no plans of quitting her day job entirely.

“The original term was two years, which has remained the same. The only difference is we were able to hammer out a deal where I’m able to focus more on wrestling and performing, less on struggling financially. My main goal was to be able to limit the amount of time I spent on my ‘shoot job.’


I work as a legal transcriptionist, and it was becoming very difficult to juggle with my wrestling schedule. I’m now able to just work part-time. I’ll never fully quit, as I love what I do, but now I’m able to spend more time training and giving attention to my fiancé, who also works an incredibly busy schedule. Any instance we’re home at the same time really needs to be spent with each other at this point.”

Grace is just 23-years-old and has a long road ahead of her in pro wrestling. Therefore, if she wants to keep her day job that might be a very good idea because you never know if your career can be over in an instant.

Hopefully, her new deal with Impact Wrestling is much better for her financially, but it is apparently not enough where she is completely separating herself from how she used to pay the bills.

Felix Upton

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