Finn Balor has tried to keep his personal life on the down low, but it looks like some detectives from the IWC have accumulated evidence on The Demon King’s love life.

We have received several emails from fans, especially those from our awesome Latin American audience that Finn Balor is allegedly dating Fox Sports Mexico’s Veronica “Vero” Rodriguez.

Rodriguez works for Fox Sports Mexico and has interviewed several WWE Superstars in the past. She also hosts WWE Saturday Night along with Jimena Sanchez.

Known as La Güera which translates to “the blonde one,” Vero is a big WWE fan as well.


She has interviewed Balor in the past, however the two have recently started communicating a lot through Twitter via emojis and other short messages.

Some fans are calling these two out in a big way. Balor also apparently spent the day with Vero on her birthday. The two have been communicating over Instagram as well which you can see below.

So far there are no other photos of the two together out there apart from one from Balor’s 2017 interview with Vero. It is very interesting as the two seem to keep showing up in each other’s timelines on a very regular basis.

They have not confirmed (and I doubt they do because they both like to have their private lives) but they walk for many sides together and interact fairly, Echo Finn was with Vero on his birthday and went to a match together ❤️ van together

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