Goldust entered WWE in 1995, but now he is on the alumni page once again. He is leaving WWE for AEW so he can work with his brother Cody.

This was something that a lot of fans saw coming, but it almost didn’t happen, as it turns out Vince McMahon was set against letting Dustin Runnels out of his contract, but Triple stepped in an reasoned with McMahon as the Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports.

Runnels asked for his notice from WWE on 1/19, and they gave it to him, but he was given a 90-day non-compete which ended on 4/19. From the WWE side, Vince McMahon was said to be against it but Paul Levesque talked him into allowing Runnels to leave. 

Losing Goldust might not be that big of a shot for WWE to take, but it very well could help out AEW in dramatic ways. Dustin Rhodes can not only perform in the ring at his age, but he has two recently repaired knees to do it with too.


Rhodes will also be able to serve in any backstage role they want to throw at him. Only time will tell if Dustin Rhodes will end up as a backstage figure in AEW or implemented in any number of ways, but it looks like if it wasn’t for Triple H he would still be waiting out his contract and forced to miss Double Or Nothing.

Harry Kettle

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