Vince McMahon runs WWE however he sees fit and that includes the words spoken on his television programs. For a very long time WWE has operated with a list of banned words. This list of things you can’t say in WWE was created by Vince McMahon using only his reasoning. Now it appears one banned word has the green light once again.

Dave Meltzer discussed on Wrestling Observer Radio how WWE Superstars are allowed to say “belt” once again when referring to a championship title.

“It’s Vince. Vince is Vince. There’s no explanation on why he wants certain words and not want certain words and it changes. By the way, ‘belts’ are okay now, just so you know.”

“They’re actually doing advertising and things using the term belts now for things that involve championship belts. The word ‘belts’ is now back in the lexicon.”


It was noted that this could have been because of Becky Two Belts, but the better odds is that Vince McMahon just changed his mind about something again. Now WWE Superstars can call a title a belt which is good because The IIconics dropped the word about a dozen times in their promo last week on SmackDown Live.

It is unclear when Vince McMahon made it official that saying belts is okay again, but we will just have to wait and see what word he bans next.

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