Talk is Jericho Recap w/ Stevie Ray – Hall of Fame Induction, Commentating in WCW, What Did WWE Refuse to let him Say During Induction Speech? More!

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Stevie Ray says he was quite surprised when Mark Carano called him and told him that he was going to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. He was speechless because although Harlem Heat had great success, most of their work was done in WCW.

He notes that fans have been talking about getting Harlem Heat into the Hall of Fame for a while, but it never really bothered him that they weren’t inducted. The most important thing for him was that fans respected his work. Nonetheless, it was lovely to get inducted, especially alongside his brother, Booker T.

Stevie Ray informs that he continued to wrestle after WWE bought WCW. He went for several tours overseas but he was getting sick of the business at the time and had a young daughter at home as well. He told his family and friends that he wouldn’t join WWE after WCW’s demise because he felt like a solider in that war and he was going to go down with the ship.

He also didn’t want Harlem Heat to become something different in WWE. He and Booker T were two guys from the street who could kick ass and he didn’t want them to become a joke in WWE. He bears no ill will towards WWE but he and his brother built Harlem Heat and it was very personal to him so he didn’t want to put that in the hands of someone else creatively.

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