SPOILER: Injury Return During NXT UK Television Tapings

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Professional wrestling is a hard-knock profession and even the most skilled competitors can wind up injured. This unfortunately happened to Noam Dar recently, but now it looks like he’s doing well again.

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Dar was carried away on a stretcher during the last set of NXT UK television tapings, but apparently, he’s right as rain now. He posted an update/April Fools post on the first saying that he only suffered from a bone bruise along with some other jokes thrown in there so some were worried that it was far worse than he was letting on.

The Scottish Supernova made a return during the most recent NXT UK television tapings to take part in a tag team match. This was actually a match for the NXT UK Tag Team Titles.

Noam Dar and Kenny Williams were unsuccessful in winning the NXT UK Tag Team Titles, but it was still a very exciting way to end the night of television tapings.

Photo: @DeiOwen

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