Xavier Woods Legitimately Irritated With WWE Superstar Shake-Up

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The WWE Superstar Shake-Up has come and gone even though it’s not impossible to assume that we will see some more Superstars switched around by the end of the week. Some of those Superstars who got moved over to RAW include some of Xavier Woods’ best friends and he has an issue about it.

During The New Day’s segment on the Kevin Owens Show, Xavier Woods had a chance to vent about how half of the cast of his YouTube video game show Up Up Down Down is now on RAW. He announced that if Tyler Breeze isn’t on SmackDown by the end of the night then he’s going to be very upset. Of course, Tyler Breeze did not show up on the blue brand.

Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio how Woods’ little rant was a “shoot,” and he is not very pleased with how much of the Up Up Down Down cast ended up on a different brand than he is on.

Now it looks like Woods will have to get very busy on pay-per-view days when everyone is in the same building. This is interesting, but even though WWE seems to support Up Up Down Down it doesn’t appear to be a huge concern for Vince McMahon.

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