Hulk Hogan showed up for WrestleMania XXX and famously got the name of the venue wrong. He called the Superdome “The Silverdome” which was not correct. Then Hogan was blackballed from the company shortly thereafter.

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Hogan returned to WrestleMania once again this year and he teased his former botch. He called MetLife Stadium “the Silverdome” and then he said that he was kidding. Then he said it’s great to be in MetLife Center.

While making fun of himself for messing up the name of WrestleMania’s previous venue, Hulk Hogan made an even bigger goof.

It looks like this one was an actual mistake too and not part of the show. Corey Graves made fun of Hogan afterward saying that “it’s not like there are big letters saying MetLife Stadium,” because there are.

Hogan was plenty hyped up so it’s easy to understand how he could make this mistake. It was still a pretty great one to make considering the fact that he has already done the same things in the past.

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