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WWE SmackDown Live Results – April 2nd, 2019

The Man Speaks

Corey Graves introduced Becky Lynch who went right out of the ring and stood on the announce table. She said that she answers to the fans and not Graves.

She got the crowd going and said what a difference a year makes. Things were much different and talked about how the stars were aligned to make the Mania main event Flair vs Rousey until Lynch smacked the smug look off their faces.

She was very over and got the crowd going. It is so obvious at this point that she is the chosen one. This means that she’s going to get messed with a lot as a top babyface.

She hyped the Mania main event and said the real revolution is going to explode this Sunday when winner takes all and she “makes one of those dopes tap.” So she’s going to be the double champ the next time we see her.

Mic drop.

18 Person Mixed Tag Team Match (Largest match ever of its kind)

There were tons of people in this match. The best part: EC3 is wrestling on television and he got part of his entrance on television.

Nikki Cross started things off for the babyfaces against Zelina Vega. Nikki was crazy… then Lacy Evans walked out to wave hello before leaving. She’s just great.

Vega finally got away from Cross and tagged in EC3 who got to wrestle against Jeff Hardy. Big pop. Then Matt soon got the tag. Huge delete chants.

Hardy hit a side effect after coming off an Irish whip to the corner and EC3 kicked out at 2. Otis took a tag and Tucker did a splash on EC3 off of Otis on his knees. Then Otis did the caterpillar because Vince loves them.

Naomi and Mandy Rose wrestled for a bit and then Carmella and R-Truth had a Dance Break. Karl Anderson stopped the dancing and then a brawl broke out and the bell rang.

Winner: Nobody

People started flying all around the ring and over the top rope. This is all about the battle royals at Mania. Asuka fought off Mandy and Sonya and then people kept flying over the ropes. Otis and Mandy had an awkward moment and Shelton Benjamin hit Otis over the rope. Nikki Cross squared up with Shelty and he wouldn’t fight her so she jumped on him and they both went toppling over the top rope.

EC3 took a Twist Of Fate and a kick from Asuka before he went over the top rope. Jeff and Asuka were alone in the ring and hugged. Then Asuka threw Jeff over the top rope. At least it looks like Asuka is still looking somewhat strong after losing the title last week

Samoa Joe vs ALI

ALI got his first entrance on SD Live without Mustafa.

Joe chopped ALI and then ALI came back with a kick that sent him out of the ring followed by a suicide dive. ALI hit a tornado DDT for a two count. ALI came back with a kick from the apron and took Joe down again before missing a 450 splash.

Then Joe latched on the Coquina Clutch and ALI passed out.

Winner: Samoa Joe

Daniel Bryan & Kofi Kingston Contract Signing

Michael Cole was out for a rare SD appearance. He introduced Kofi as Daniel and Rowan were already out there.

Plenty of people had paper KofiMania signs that were obviously handed out to the crowd. The New Day came out and threw pancakes. Hopefully the contain no gluten in case someone is allergic.

The crowd wouldn’t stop chanting “Kofi” as he just sat there. Bryan signed the contract and the crowd broke into “Kofi Rocks” chants. Daniel tried to “Educate” people, but they just started chanting “KofiMania.” It was quite loud and they didn’t stop.

Daniel said not to be complacent like Kofi has been for 11 years. The crowd was pretty hot. Then he said Kofi has been a bystander in his own life waiting for other people to push him to the top just like Kofi did.

It’s great how Bryan is giving great advice while getting heat. Then he said…Kofi chants… Bryan continued saying “don’t mistake a fad for reality.”

Bryan made mention of the Yes Movement and how it didn’t last. Kofi didn’t say a word as Bryan said the fans are parasites.

Finally, Kofi stood up and said it is time to educate Bryan. He said the more Bryan talks the more he realizes that he doesn’t know a damn thing about that. He said he watched Bryan become a World Champion within 2 years of being in WWE and he stood there and watched it. He said he watched it and all of that 11 year struggle has led to this. He said Daniel knows that he is ready and Bryan looked almost impressed with Kofi.

Kofi said Bryan knows what “all this” feels like and he knows what comes next and that scares him. Then Kofi signed the contract and handed it to Michael Cole.

Written by Felix Upton

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