Eli Drake is no stranger to putting his opinion out there. He recently declined having an intergender match against Tessa Blanchard and explained his reasoning at the time. However, he just had to keep going and it has not ended well.

Drake commented on social media about intergender wrestling taking the realism out of sports entertainment. He replied to a “fan” using the #EliDrakeIsASexist with:

They could put on a great “show”, but nobody is suspending their disbelief. That’s the art of good cinema, television, and wrestling. Suspension of disbelief is what hooks people. Without that, you have a gag product that remains niche.

It did not stop there because Tessa Blanchard and Jordynne Grace soon joined the conversation. They not only believe that Knockouts could beat Drake, but Blanchard stated anyone in the Impact Wrestling locker room could “kick Eli’s ass” in a real fight.


I am fairly confident that myself, @JordynneGrace, @TheTayaValkyrie, or any of the KOs for that matter could kick Eli’s ass! #JustSaying

Drake thanked Tessa for her comments and said that using your imagination can be fun. Then he continued to make his point, but it only seemed to enrage people more.

One of his previous tweets concerning the subject was also drawing some considerable scrutiny.

Not to take anything away from her. She’s a great performer and athlete, but there is nothing realistic about a 5’3” girl fighting a 6’4” jacked wrestler. Wrestling rooted in some level of realism attracts casual audiences, and that’s how you grow. #sorrynotsorry

Then former WWE writer and current Impact Wrestling star Jimmy Jacobs threw in his two cents.

This is a fundamentally wrong. Wrestling is absolutely not rooted in realism, which is self evident to anyone who’s seen a real fight. It’s rooted in storytelling, characters, drama & emotion. To correlate realism with audience growth is 100% wrong.

Drake fired back at Jimmy Jacobs’ statement to make a counterpoint in the argument. It doesn’t sound like Eli is budging on this one.

Realism in the sense of suspension of disbelief.

Storytelling, characters, and the drama are exactly what drive the business. At the same time, casual viewers do not bite on tiny person vs big person.

Gauge friends that aren’t wrestling fans. It’s an amazing litmus rest

To cap things off, Eli Drake made one final statement on the matter (for now). He is sticking to his guns and obviously has a different opinion on pro wrestling than others around him, but that won’t sway his logic.

Since what I’m saying seems to be lost on some:

If the women are outperforming the men, they should absolutely main event, they should absolutely be paid as much, if not more, and pushed beyond the men.

But Ronda vs Lesnar???
WNBA champs vs NBA champs???
Those only end one way

Nobody is proposing Brock Lesnar vs Ronda Rousey, but if WWE were to book that match you can bet that it would be worth watching. The IWC seems to be split on the issue of intergender wrestling. A lot of people love it and appreciate the stories while others don’t see it as a believable fight.

Eli Drake is obviously one of those people who doesn’t appreciate intergender wrestling and it is highly likely that he never will.

Harry Kettle

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