Kevin Owens Calls Fan Out For Body Shaming Him

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Kevin Owens is a very public figure so naturally, he is going to have a lot of attention on him. He also wears cut-off t-shirts and that can draw a lot of attention to his underarms as well.

One fan recently tweeted at Kevin Owens saying that he should “cover up your roast beef pits.” Owens didn’t appreciate hearing this and fired back. He revealed that he lives with a skin condition which is the reason for that discoloration and he’s just going to keep being himself.

Do you mean the skin condition I live with every day that actually makes my life quite difficult sometimes?

Thanks, Julia, but I think I’ll just keep being me.

P.S. Way to be “body positive”

People can be mean sometimes and Twitter really gives people an opportunity to show off that fact. It’s a good thing that there are people like Owens around who are able to take this kind of comment and turn it around on people every now and then.

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