Big Matches Set For Go-Home RAW Before WrestleMania Next Week

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Next week will be the go-home show before WrestleMania 35. It will take place in our nation’s capital Washington DC and WWE announced a big six-woman tag team match for the show.

The Riott Squad will get their chance to seek some revenge from the women in the WrestleMania main event match that made such easy work of them this week on RAW. Ronda Rousey, Charlotte Flair, and Becky Lynch will team up with each other to face the Riott Squad, but there is a catch.

If Rousey, Lynch, or Flair betray their team then they forfeit their WrestleMania main event match. What that means exactly is unclear, but it seems like Rousey can’t be taken out of the match or it wouldn’t be a RAW Women’s Title match.

Kurt Angle’s farewell tour will continue next week as well and he will face Rey Mysterio on RAW. Mysterio is yet another SmackDown Superstar who will be coming to RAW, but it is for a good reason.

Also, Brock Lesnar will actually be in the building next week for RAW.

We will just have to see what goes down next week on RAW.

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