David Starr is set to wrestle for the ROH Title in Israel on April 19th, 2019. He will have to topple Jay Lethal in order to make it happen, but to Starr, this match means so much more and he let it all out in a passionate promo that was too hot for TV.

Ring Of Honor is owned by Sinclair who also owns a ton of television channels in markets that you might not even realize. One things they all have in common is the fact that they share very right-wing political agendas and aren’t afraid of pushing them. We are not going to get political here, but David Starr didn’t hide anything.

“Something that is a joke is that Ring Of Honor wrestling used to represent pure independent professional wrestling instead of representing a far right-wing extremist corporate propaganda machine.”

“Did you think it was a cute little publicity stunt to let the little Jew boy get a flight to Israel to wrestle for your championship? Is that what you thought?! Did you think that?! Because no, I’m not wrestling for your championship because I’m a Jewish kid in Israel. I’m wrestling for your championship because I’m one of the best independent professional wrestlers on the f*cking planet.”


Starr came at Sinclair for booking a “Jew boy” to wrestle in Israel like they were doing him a favor. He said that he will take the favor, but after he defeats Lethal, Sinclair will have their worst nightmare on their hands: a progressive Jew champion.

This promo was pulled due to bashing Sinclair and their political stance and the pressure on ROH. It is unclear if David Starr has any heat over this, but he is certainly garnering a lot of attention for this passionate one-take promo.

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