Two WWE NXT Superstars Getting A Lot Of Attention From Management

WWE’s NXT brand has a lot of impressive Superstars on their roster, but two men are really getting a lot of attention backstage. This could be a great sign for them as they continue their paths in WWE.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted that Eric Bugenhangen and Stacey Ervin Jr are both getting “raves reviews internally.”

Ervin is a gymnast who came into the WWE Performance Center late last year after receiving a tryout in May. He has a lot of abilities and is impressing management because of that.

Bugenhangen is a fan favorite at Full Sail Arena and has a ton of charisma with his air guitar gimmick. He even received such a rousing ovation from the crowd during the last set of television tapings that he came out for an encore just to do more air guitar work and he got Kayla Braxton in on the action as well.

It is interesting that neither man was seen during Wednesday’s NXT telvision tapings, but it isn’t unusual for NXT to not feature a newer Superstar every week because their roster is extremely loaded at this point.

Written by Felix Upton

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