WWE’s Original Intention Behind Kofi Kingston’s Push

WWE has a lot of Superstars who are more than deserving of a big push in the company. In recent weeks WWE was made aware that the fans really want to see Kofi Kingston in a main event match so that is likely what is going to happen.

However, Brad Shepard reported on Oh, You Didn’t Know that the actual intention behind Kofi Kingston’s push was initially a way to give Daniel Bryan an extremely popular babyface to defeat and raise his status as a top heel.

“Obviously [Kofi’s] run was sudden and everyone’s happy for him, but it all came about of course, by mistake with Mustafa Ali’s injury. What I’m being told is that this is more about making Daniel Bryan a super heel for future programs than it is about getting Kofi to be a top dog.”

You never know if fans will speak out in massive enough numbers that Vince McMahon will hear them. The same kind of thing happened with Daniel Bryan during the road to WrestleMania XXX. Bryan is ironically the man that Kofi Kingston will need to beat this time around to make his WrestleMania dreams come true.

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