How Dana Warrior Ended Up In WWE Creative Team Role

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Dana Warrior is learning the creative process backstage in WWE. She was brought in to the company to offer a female perspective even though WWE already has women writers. A lot of fans wondered how this came about, it turns out that she simply asked for the job.

Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that Dana Warrior approached Vince McMahon and asked for a job in creative.

“The basic gist of Dana Warrior is she was looking for a job — she asked Vince McMahon for a job and Vince goes, ‘What would you like, a full-time position? What would you like to do?’ She said she’d like to work in creative. She said she could offer a female point of view — there are other women on the writing team.”

Warrior is hired, but she isn’t an official part of the creative team just yet. She was shadowing backstage on Monday and Tuesday last week and is expected to be backstage at RAW this week as well. She is being taught the role with the intention of gaining a job on the creative team. Basically, it was said that she is closer to being an intern without having that title.

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