Talk is Jericho Recap w/ Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler – Dealing With Vince McMahon, Owen Hart’s Death, Making Due When Nature Calls During A Show, More!

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Jericho welcomes Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler to the show. This is the last live interview from last year’s Jericho Cruise.

Jericho says his two favourite commentary teams in WWE history were Vince McMahon and Jesse Ventura, and Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler. Both teams had so much chemistry, and both teams had a huge contrast between the play-by-play and colour commentators.

Jericho asks Ross and Lawler how they came to be WWE’s commentary team during the attitude era. In 1993 Lawler moved from Memphis to WWE. He wrestled for over 20 years in Memphis and never once thought about doing commentary. He started wrestling in WWE and worked a program with Bret Hart. He notes that the “Kiss My Foot” match against Hart paid him $150,000, the most he’s ever been paid for a single match.

One night Vince McMahon was preparing for a show and saw his commentary partner, Randy Savage, appear on WCW programming. He asked Lawler if he could do commentary that night and said he’d have a replacement the next week. 23 years later Lawler’s still doing it.

Ross notes that he started in a three-man booth with Lawler and McMahon. He always assumed the play-by-play role was McMahon’s job until he got bored with it. Ross thinks that’s exactly what happened once McMahon discovered how much fun playing the evil Mr. McMahon character was.

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