Dinner With the King Recap – How to be a Cool Heel, Undertaker’s Booking Fee, Women to Main Event WrestleMania? More!

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Lawler notes that if you’re truly doing your job as a heel you’ll find a way to get booed. At live events in particular, heels who are getting cheered can easily grab a mic and try to turn the audience.

Lawler informs that he recently wrestled a match against James Ellsworth in Ellsworth’s home town. Ellsworth was receiving some cheers there which was no surprise in his hometown, but Lawler was still getting cheers as well due to his lengthy career and the fact that he’s been on WWE television for decades. Lawler quickly grabbed the mic and began insulting the audience and quickly turned everyone against him, making Ellsworth the overwhelming babyface.

Lawler says he always loved working as a heel, and enjoying what you’re doing helped to make up for a lack of merchandise sales. Babyfaces obviously make more money through merchandise sales than heels because everyone wants to align themselves with promotion’s popular stars.

Steve Austin in particular was too cool to boo during the attitude era. WWE quickly realized this and flipped him babyface and entered him into a feud with Vince McMahon, spawning one of the more memorable feuds in wrestling history.

Lawler recalls McMahon wanting to blur the lines between babyface and heel during that time. At one point, a heel always had to cheat to win but McMahon wanted to change that.

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