Dinner With the King Recap – How to be a Cool Heel, Undertaker’s Booking Fee, Women to Main Event WrestleMania? More!

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Lawler says his appearance rate is a lot lower than Undertakers, and he’s available for birthdays or special events. He jokes that he’ll show up at the opening of an envelope if the price is right.

Moore asks Lawler what happens when a promotion wants to book a talent as a heel, but the crowd starts cheering for them. Lawler says that started in wrestling many years ago, and he thinks The Road Warriors were the first heels to get cheered. With their ferocious in-ring style and their awesome ring gear, they were simply too cool to boo.

In pop culture, Lawler thinks this mindset started with Muhammed Ali. Ali was so cocky and arrogant which are usually heel characteristics, but he won all of his fights so it became hard to cheer against him. At a certain point, all his cocky mic work became cool.

As the attitude era began in WWE, “cool heels” became very common. DX, NWO, Shawn Michaels and even Steve Austin were all heels that fans gravitated to. Once the locker room saw this, a lot of the heels started looking for those reactions, but this angered a lot of the babyfaces.

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