E&C’s Pod of Awesomeness Recap w/ Beth Phoenix – Takeover & Royal Rumble Thoughts, Calling The Rumble VS. Wrestling In It, Mid-card Titles for Women’s Division? More!

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Edge asks Phoenix if she thinks the women will main event WrestleMania this year. Phoenix thinks that’s what fans want, and she’s sure the women won’t disappoint if they’re given that spot.

Edge thinks Seth Rollins was a good choice to win the Men’s Rumble, but notes that Drew McIntyre would have been a good choice too.

A listener writes into the show and asks Phoenix who she’d choose to have one last feud with if she were to return to the ring. She’s also asked who she’d choose as her tag team partner. Phoenix says she’d choose to face Nia Jax because that feels like a natural story, and she’d choose Natalya to be her tag team partner.

Another listener asks Phoenix about the idea of introducing mid-card Titles for the Women’s division. Phoenix doesn’t think there’s enough roster depth to add mid-card Titles yet, but if there’s ever an all-women show, that’d be a good time to debut another Title or two.

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