WWE Has Another Dilemma With SmackDown Move To Fox Network

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WWE’s SmackDown Live move to Fox in October might not be as easy as once thought. There are still some things that they need to figure out. For instance, they’re not even sure if it will be live on the West Coast.

Not watching SmackDown Live as it happens could be a disadvantage for fans not on the Eastern Time Zone. As Dave Meltzer said on Wrestling Observer Radio, he has asked and apparently, they don’t know what they’re doing yet either.

“I’ve asked WWE and I guess they haven’t decided on this, even though you would think that they would. Do we on the West Coast in October do we get [SmackDown Live] from 5-7 or do we get it from 8-10?”

“Because if we get it 5-7, I’m assuming 8-10 because the Fox people that I’ve talked to said it’s not decided, but it’s under Fox Sports, not Entertainment which means live. But if we’re getting it 5-7 [on the West Coast] that’s going to hurt the ratings a lot.”

Local Fox stations usually run their news program from 5-7 on the West Coast. This is something that people don’t want to lose every Friday because surprisingly not everyone is a pro wrestling fan. Let’s hope that they can figure out when they will air SmackDown Live on the West Coast. Because in the end, it might not be live.

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