WWE Raw Results – January 28, 2019


Before the match begins, Corbin grabs the microphone and says he knows Kurt Angle thinks he has one last great match, one last great run. However he says the fans don’t care about Kurt Angle, they won’t be there for him when he’s hurt. He says he will beat on Angle, but then the Olympian clubs him down and the referee calls for the bell.

Baron Corbin Vs. Kurt Angle

Angle punches Corbin around before hitting a German suplex. Angle whips Corbin towards the corner but the former GM slides out underneath and runs back in the other side and attacks Angle with a clothesline.

Corbin slows the pace down and punches and kicks Angle around the ring. He taunts the crowd before applying a modified rear chin lock to Angle. Corbin connects with a knee to the gut before whipping Angle to the corner. Kurt dodges the running Corbin, who hits his shoulder on the ring post. Angle follows-up with three German suplexes in a row for a two count. Angle stalks Corbin and grabs him for the Angle Slam but Corbin gets off and connects with a big boot. Baron punches Angle but Angle ducks and hits the Angle Slam for a near-fall. Angle takes the straps down and applies the Angle Lock! After a minute, Corbin kicks him off and connects with Deep Six for the win!

Winner: Baron Corbin

Corbin starts to leave but then comes back down and hits Angle with the End of Days. He laughs and points at the fans, mocking them. Michael Cole asks if that was indeed the end of Kurt Angle’s days.


Still to come, Ronda Rousey’s Open Challenge, and Seth Rollins choosing his WrestleMania opponent. We see Finn Balor walking backstage and lots of stars are congratulating him on a valiant effort last night. He’ll be out next!

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We see some highlights from the Universal Championship match last night, in which Brock Lesnar bested Finn Balor.

Balor makes his way to the ring. He says last night he went toe-to-toe with Brock Lesnar for ten minutes. But he makes no excuses, Brock Lesnar beat him. And then Lesnar beat him again. He has to be honest, he’s never felt speed or power like it, especially not combined like that before. And today he’s hurting. But the reason Lesnar did that, is because he made Brock Lesnar believe in Finn Balor.

Bobby Lashley and Lio Rush come out and interrupt. Rush says it’s a disgrace that a twerp like Finn even got a shot at the Universal Championship – that’s rich. Rush says we all know Finn almost won, but he wouldn’t stand a snowballs chance in hell against Bobby Lashley. Rush says Lashley is so much faster and stronger than Balor will ever be. Balor says he lasted longer with Brock than Lashley did in the Rumble itself. That’s enough for Bobby, who attacks Balor, hitting him with two one-handed spinebusters. Rush takes his Lashley shirt off and lays it across Balor.


We see a replay of November, when Lashley, McIntyre, and Corbin beat on Strowman, and broke his elbow. Strowman will face McIntyre later tonight.

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A replay is shown of Lashley attacking Finn Balor before the break.

The Revival Vs. Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins

We start with Dash Wilder and Curt Hawkins. The latter takes the fight to Wilder and knocks him into the corner. Ryder tags in and they hit Wilder with a flapjack. Dash rolls from the ring and Dawson comes running in but he gets knocked out by Hawkins, then Ryder dives through the ropes with a dropkick to both.

Ryder gets Dash back in the ring but Wilder takes him down and makes the tag to Dawson. They hit a double-team suplex/dropkick combination. Dawson hits a leg drop, then tags Dash back in. Wilder kicks Ryder and beats him around. He looks for a suplex but Ryder reverses with a neckbreaker. Curt Hawkins comes in and takes out both Wilder and Dawson with dropkicks, and an enziguiri. The fans are chanting his name but then Dawson takes him down and knocks Ryder from the apron. Dash is tagged and they hit the Shatter Machine on Hawkins for the win.

Winners: The Revival

Hawkins is pissed with himself after the match, and Ryder tries to console him.


We see Daniel Bryan walking with Erick Rowan backstage. Charly Caruso stops them and says without Rowan last night, Bryan wouldn’t have beaten AJ Styles. She asks if he thinks he can beat Seth Rollins, if he chooses him. Bryan says he would have beaten Styles regardless. And as for Seth, Bryan says he encourages pollution every time he tells “Burn It Down!” He says he won’t have to wait until WrestleMania to shatter Seth Rollins’ dreams, they’ll do that tonight.

After the break we’ll be walking with Elias!

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Elias is in the ring when we return. He plays a nice little ditty on the guitar before asking who wants to walk with him. The fans cheer but he says he’s been testing them, and they let him down. He says they need to be better, they should give him a standing ovation everytime they see him appear. The fans just cheer him more and chant “we’re not worthy”. Elias says that’s right, they’re not, and to think he wrote songs for them. Not anymore. I guess Elias’ babyface run is over before it really got going. He tells them to shut-up before he can start playing. However he’s interrupted by Jeff Jarrett once again!


Jarrett says “listen up slapnuts.” He says Elias need not worry that about the fans here in Phoenix, because he has an issue with Elias after what he did last night. JJ started to introduce himself but then he was interrupted…by Road Dogg! Dogg asks if Elias is serious about not playing for the fans anymore? Then says if that’s the case, the fans would rather Elias play with himself on his own time. He says they will play a show of their own. Dogg and Jarrett then come down to the ring, while singing their old song. Not long though, until Elias smashes his guitar off the back of Dogg! JJ has seen enough and he attacks Elias and connects with some big right hands. Jarrett grabs his own guitar and looks to break it over Elias, but the Drifter punches him in the gut, takes the guitar, and smashes JJ with it as well!


Natalya is warming-up backstage and Dana Brooke approaches her. Brooke says she knows that Ember Moon was hurt and can’t tag with Nattie tonight, but she’s her partner now. She says that she’s better than Ember and they can go all the way. Natalya says she doesn’t care how good she is, they just need to be on the same page. Brooke takes umbrage with that and says she is better than Natalya as well. She walks off, and Natalya begrudgingly follows.

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We see Mojo Rawley sitting backstage, in a dark room, yelling at someone. He’s saying nobody knows who they are because of themselves. The camera turns around and we see that it’s Rawley staring in a mirror. He says soon everyone will know who he is.

Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match

Dana Brooke & Natalya Vs. Liv Morgan & Sarah Logan W/Ruby Riott

Natalya starts against Sarah Logan, and Nattie hits two suplexes in a row. Brooke tags herself in and flips over Liv from the apron to the floor. She then clotheslines Morgan into the LED apron on the ring.

Back inside the ring, she terrorises Morgan for a minute before Sarah tags in. Logan takes control by knocking Brooke’s head into the turnbuckle. She tags Morgan again and they hit a double team facebuster for a two count.

Dana tags Nattie after an enziguiri from Morgan. Nattie takes her down after knocking Ruby from the apron, and locks Morgan in the Sharpshooter. Logan comes back in to break it up by pushing Brooke into her. Morgan rolls up Natalya for the win.

Winners: Sarah Logan & Liv Morgan

The Riott Squad celebrate after their win and stare at the women’s Tag Team Championship at ringside. Natalya stares on angrily, before leaving Dana by herself.


Ronda Rousey’s open challenge will be next!

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