E&C’s Pod of Awesomeness Recap w/ Sasha Banks – Travelling & Tagging With Bayley, Tag Titles, Challenging Ronda Rousey, More!

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Edge and Christian open today’s show by speaking about the NXT UK Takeover show. Christian thought the show was great and points out that the crowd was hyped which really helped the show. Edge agrees, adding that a crowd like that can make an okay show into a great show and vice versa.

Edge was really impressed with Tyler Bate during the Tag Team Title match. However, he wasn’t fond of the decision to place the new NXT UK Tag Titles at the feet of the ring announcer, instead of placing them on some kind of platform for all to see. He notes that the Titles don’t appear to mean as much when they’re just thrown on the floor like that.

Christian agrees with Edge that the match was terrific, and notes that the limited number of matches on the card allowed each match to develop and tell a great story. He says he always found it easier to have a match that went 20 minutes instead of 6.

Edge says he enjoyed the main event between Joe Coffey and Pete Dunne. He notes that it wasn’t pretty, but Coffey is never going to be a “Dean Malenko” in terms of fluidity. He liked that it wasn’t pretty, and compares it to a Rocky movie. Christian agrees, adding that it was his favourite match on the show, mostly because he’s such a huge fan of Dunne.

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