Pete Dunne is arguably the top name in WWE’s NXT UK brand and he wrestles with an intensity that says British Strong Style.

Dunne was obviously a standout in the WWE UK Championship Tournament. He might not have won the entire thing, but he hasn’t let go of his championship since capturing it. He is unlike anyone else in the division and could be a standout in WWE as well. It didn’t happen all at once for Dunne and he explained this on E&C’s Pod Of Awesomeness.

“When the people out in Britian are starting to make a name. People like Will Ospreay people like Mark Andrews who were doing things that I couldn’t really do. It was sitting down and realizing, okay I’ve got to turn it around I got to get something I got to find something that other people aren’t doing and without relying on those kinds of moves and the things I was trying at the time the high-flying stuff.”

“So it really was a step by step process of figuring out especially because I’ve been doing this since I was twelve-years-old so since back then and struggling my whole way up and going to Japan and finding who I am and eventually when I was starting to break out and realizing, ‘Okay I’ve got to be different than people who are already breaking out.'”

“So it really was a case of sitting down and thinking to myself ‘How am I doing to do this and then breaking it down and going to my roots little by little and going back to a British style that was my start. Little by little piecing it all together and eventually finding myself at Madison Square Garden with nine of the other lads from NXT.”

Wrestling at Madison Square Garden was a great moment for Pete Dunne. You never know when WWE will be back there too because of some recent issues.

Dunne was able to find himself and it was a good thing that he did. As the longest-reigning current champion in WWE, he has traveled a long way to get to where he is.

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