Xavier Woods Has A Huge Problem With Hotel Room

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WWE Superstars spend a lot of time on the road. Therefore, they are quite familiar with staying in hotels. However, one recent hotel choice for Xavier Woods has left him more than unsatisfied.

As Woods got in from a four-hour drive late last night, all he wanted to do was get into his hotel room. However, he discovered that this room was missing a very key ingrediant, a bed.

The New Day Member opened his door to discover that sounds in his room were much bouncier than they should be because of the large empty space where a bed was supposed to be.

Hopefully, they got Woods a bed or at least switched him rooms. We can’t imagine what happened to the bed or why they would rent the room to him anyway if they knew it was without a bed. Either way, it was just one more thing he had to sort out before finally getting to relax.

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