Sabu Sends & Deletes Enraged Tweet At WWE For Stealing His Money

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WWE has a lot of people who used to work for the company that are super happy for their success. Then again, on the other hand, you have people like Sabu.

Sabu sent out a very angry tweet at WWE for not paying him what he thinks he deserves. He deleted the tweet, but we were able to get the text before he deleted it. Yes, we’re including it below and the only alterations we’ve made is to censor the F-bombs:

“@WWE stop puting me over like i. working for wwe .unless u wsnt to pay me for ripping me off stop steling from me stel grom some one else or cut me the f*ck in !$$$ or just f*ck off . i brok my body for the fans n my self not for wwe and you make mote money on me than i do.”

If you can decipher through the misspellings and whatnot, Sabu isn’t happy at all.

Maybe he’s just feeling the Christmas strain on his wallet, either way, WWE makes a lot of money and to think that an ECW Original like Sabu is upset about cash isn’t a good thing. In fact, it might be wrong that WWE wouldn’t be able to make him happy. After all, he still has his matches played on the “award-winning” WWE Network all the time.

Either way, let’s hope Sabu was able to have some eggnog and calm down.

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