Rumor Killer On Why Paige Was Removed From WWE SmackDown Live

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WWE is now in a New Era and this means a lot of big changes. One of those changes took place when SmackDown Live kicked off and Shane McMahon announced that Paige is now the former General Manager of SmackDown Live.

There are plenty of things WWE could do with Paige in the meantime and we’ve got a good list of the top six ways WWE could use her now.

We’ve read reports saying that Paige was pulled from television because WWE has plans for her to promote her movie and they wanted her to be able to focus on that. Fighting With My Family doesn’t even come out until February 14th, 2019. So this is not the case.

Paige was pulled from her role on SmackDown Live because Vince McMahon wanted to eliminate the “middle management” positions from WWE. It’s likely one of those situations where Paige thought she knew what her plan was and everything got turned on its head as soon as Vince McMahon came out on RAW this week.

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